Wall – Mounted Integrative pool filter

Dolphin Integrative Pipe less filter . The filter integrates the multiple function of filteration,disinfection,vaccume cleaning, Illumination and Whirlpool Massade.The filter eliminates the requirment of balancing tank, buries pipes , plumbing and pump room.The filter body is tough and strong.The filter is easy to clean and install.

Special Features

  • Acrylic Heavy Duty Body
  • Stainless-Steel Hand Rail
  • Transformer and Terminal Box
  • Whirlpool Massage Nozzle
  • Stainless steel LED Light
  • Easy Installation & Maintenance
  • user Friendly operation
Product Technical Characteristics
Model Dolphin-15 Dolphin-35
Material Acrylic shell + fiberglass Acrylic shell + fiberglass
Power 1 HP (0.75KW) 3 HP
Voltage 220V 50 Hz 220V 50 Hz
under-water Light 12V 10W 12V 10W
Filteration capacity 15m3/h 35 m3/h
Filter Media Filter Bag and Skimmer Filter Bag and Skimmer
installation Wall Mounted Wall Mounted
Efficiency 5-15 Micron 5-15 Micron
Colors White White
Code Model Power Filteration capacity Dimention
ADF-01 Dolphin 15 1 H.P / 0.75 Kw 15 m3 / h 110x67x76
ADF-02 Dolphin 35 3 H.P/1.5 Kw 35 m3/h 110x67x76