Euro Pipeless Filter

The Euro filter can perform multiple functions of filteration , disinfection and illumination . The Frount part of the filter is immersed in the swimming pool water with light.The pool water goes through the skimmer to the filter drum into the pump and then return to the pool via the jets.The filter bag is easy to clean using high pressure water.

Special Features

  • Injection Molded Body
  • wall Mounable Unit
  • LED Illumination system.
  • High Efficiency Disinfection System
  • Saves Water as no backwash required.
  • Easy Installation & Maintenance
Specification Euro-25 Euro-50
Flow rate 25 M3/h 50 M3/h
Filter Precision <15 um <15 um
Power Supply 220v / 50 Hz 220v / 50 Hz
Outlet & Inlet 40 mm 40 mm
Filteration Pump 1x2 HP 2x2 HP
Ozone Generator 500 mg/h 1000mg/h
Feeding basket 2 Pc 2 Pc
Jet Nossels 2 pc 2 Pc
U/W LED Light 18Wx12V(1 Pc) 18Wx12V(1 Pc)
Counter Flow 1 No 1 No
Code Model Power Filteration capacity
AF-01 Euro 25 1x2 H.P 25 m3 / h
AF-02 Euro 50 2x2 H.P 50 m3 /h