Euro counter Current Unit

A counter current unit is an effective way to put an end to a swimming pool that doesn’t stimulate you in any way. A counter current unit produces the effects of an aquatic treadmill,using a powerful and adjustable jet of water.

Special Features

  • Pool Turned into an oasis of Relaxation and fitness
  • Make You swim all day and never touch the wall
  • make You stay fit
  • virtually convert your pool length to infinity.

Rejuvention in the water

Moving water is an excellent medium of exercise and rehabilitative therapy for both healthy and injured individuals.

Inbuilt counterflow swimming system

This jet steam stream is ready for easy installation . The nozzle, suction and pneumatic switch are positioned in the frount cover panel of the equipment

Compleate counterflow swimming system includes

  • Counterflow nozzle 40mm
  • front cover panel with an attractive design
  • Pump
  • Pool wall lead - through

Quiet running single-stage centrifugal pumps

  • Asynchronous, two poles & IP 55 protection
  • Continuous operation and long life
  • Seal mounting in glass loaded polyamide
  • Mechanical seal in graphite and steatite
  • Motor housing in aluminium L-2521
Code Model HP KW LPH
ECC-01 Euro 2200 3 HP 2.2 70mt3/hrs
Ecc-02 Euro 4000 5.5 HP 4 95mt3/hrs