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Apram Swimming pool Construction Services, believe in providing good value for money. To achieve this, we make sure that we acquaint you with the latest pool equipment, accurate technical specifications, and reliable advice on the project ensuring that our swimming pool construction projects are both economical and innovative.

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Apram Pools is a Pune based company having rich experience in the swimming pool manufacturers, swimming pool construction & swimming pool maintenance of swimming pools all over the country.

Our outstanding team of engineer offers a complete swimming pool servicing and maintenance.

We undertake swimming pool turnkey projects, filtration plants for swimming pools, swimming pool accessories , and swimming pool maintenance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The cost of constructing a swimming pool varies based on several factors, including size, design, materials, and additional features. As swimming pool contractors, we provide customized quotes after evaluating your specific needs. Contact us for a detailed estimate tailored to your swimming pool construction project.

  • Yes, we construct various types of pools, including residential, commercial, indoor, outdoor, and readymade swimming pools , catering to diverse client requirements.

  • Swimming pool construction starts with design and planning, followed by excavation to shape the pool. Next, we construct the pool shell using reinforced concrete or other materials. Plumbing and electrical systems are installed, and the pool is finished with tiles, coping, and decking. As an experienced swimming pool builder, we ensure each step is performed with precision to deliver a high-quality result in every swimming pool construction project.

  • Having a pool on your property can be a quite sweet arrangement. However, as most beneficial things, a pool requires a considerable amount of upkeep and tender loving care. It is advisable to pay a professional swimming pool maintenance service provider to tackle the project.

  • Yes, you can add a waterfall to an existing pool. Professional swimming pool builders can design and integrate it with your pool's plumbing for a beautiful addition to your pool area.

  • To maintain a swimming pool, you need chlorine, pH increaser/decreaser, alkalinity increaser, calcium hardness increaser, cyanuric acid, algaecide, and shock. Regular testing and balancing of these chemicals ensure proper swimming pool maintenance. As a trusted swimming pool builder, we offer comprehensive swimming pool services, including chemical management, to keep your pool pristine.

  • You should clean your swimming pool about once a week to maintain its condition. This involves skimming debris, brushing the walls and floor, and vacuuming to remove dirt. Regular cleaning helps prevent algae and keeps the water clear. For hassle-free maintenance, consider our swimming pool services tailored to keep your pool clean and enjoyable.

  • FRP pools or instant pools are produced using fibreglass. Fiberglass pools are superior to ordinary solid pools as far as toughness and waterproofing. The pool is produced using quality fibreglass crude material with sufficient wooden help. We provide a wide range of Ready Made Swimming Pool options.

  • Fibreglass pools are durable but can still crack due to factors like improper installation or ground movement. Proper swimming pool construction and maintenance are essential to minimize cracking risks and ensure longevity.

  • A Jacuzzi swimming pool, or spa pool, integrates traditional pool features with hydrotherapy jets for relaxation and therapeutic benefits. It's a luxurious option offered by swimming pool manufacturers to enhance the swimming experience with warm water and massaging jets.